Sunsets I Have Known

Sunsets I Have Known

Surrounded by Sunsets

Thursday July 29, 1999 London 5:00 am

Appropriate that I sit naked, wide awake in bed at the tony Hotel Ritz, still very much in business mode. This in spite of the fact that I am now into Thursday by some 5 hours and left on Tuesday. Yesterday was rather uneventful marked only by my two reconnaissance missions for food, one at 1:30 the last at 6:30. My body is racked with jet lag. As luck or fate would have it however, I was seated on the plane next to a gentleman from London who is part of a group of high net worth investors. They have done some Internet projects and he is interested in ours. We are meeting today. And just think, I was sitting in the wrong seat. There are no accidents.

I am already questioning the wisdom of this wonderful leather journal, visually appealing . but difficult to to in. A pain actually! My room at the Ritz is lovely, sitting room and all. Good thing, as I have been in bed since a quarter to nine yesterday morning. Tonight I leave for Joberg. Trying to reach the Grace Hotel, as I know I will want to fall into bed first thing on arrival. Meeting with Rob today. All extremities are crossed. He loves the project. We will be meeting in New York on the 3rd of September. No coincidences for sure.

Friday July 30, 1999 airborne

Eleven and one half hours scrunched in an airline seat. Even flying first class, this is MISERY. God, my body feels thrashed. The Hotel Grace is quite nice. Tonight I will have dinner with Bill and Theresa Harris. I look forward to seeing them. Just spoke to D. Will call me later. He still gives me butterflies.

Saturday July 31, 1999 Joberg So. Africa

He never ceases to amaze me. No call. Well his behavior certainly adds to my resolve. My focus must be wow and not him. He has changed and so have 1 in the 3 years since this began. I must move on....without him!

Went on a day trip with a guide, touring around. Interesting the disparity between black and white. I cannot abide the way blacks are treated here. Tomorrow early a.m. I am off to the bush. Yeaaaaah!!!

Sunday August 1, 1999 Maim Botswana

My fathers birthday. A day I never forget. How I wish he were heresssssto see me, to know me. It's 6:30a.m. I have been up and down all night. A mixture of excitement and an uncomfortable bed. He finally called. He still rocks my world from half way around it. I think he's very concerned for me. No reason, fine. In an hour, I head for the
airport to fly to Maun and meet Patrick. The adventure begins.
On the small plane headed for Maun met a Canadian couple, Marge and Don, librarians from Calgary. Neat, this is their third trip here. We are going to meet up at the Ilala in Victoria Falls. Mitch's idea about I-net editors being librarians is a great one. Must stop thinking about work and think lions, eles, and warthogs. How about the notion of a private game reserve in Africa? I've been thinking along those lines lately. W4W you are happening.., fully funded and flying high. That pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow. YES!

Monday August 2, 1999 Moremi Botswana

My God Africa is so deeply embedded in my soul. How I love this place. Just a breath and I am energized once more. I was up and down all night as I had visions of a hippo dining on the delicate plants outside my tent. There is a large pool of hippo up the road. Last night I walked up and stood on the edge of the banks a stones throw from the most dangerous animal in Africa... .at least the one that causes the most deaths. I thought I had asked Patrick all the correct questions about safety. I just forgot one. When Patrick pulled up to get me, 200 feet from camp, I was at the edge of the water and had walked through the opening in the grasses made by the hippo as they leave the water. Patrick said, not good, as they move faster than any human and could have, if they had wanted been out of the water and on me before I could have made my way back up the embankment. A first and last I assure you.

We woke at 5:30 a.m. and were gone by 6:00 a.m. Amazing sighting of a female lion attempting to bring down five different giraffe one at a time, of course. She missed each one the last kicked her with his rear leg. She was dejected and wandered by us, lying
down on a termite mound. Yesterday watched two baby giraffe, one a mere 4' high two or three months old.

The early morning light falls in eerie patterns against the silhouetted trees reaching for the sky. The air is crisp cold. The sun is just coming up behind us. Magnificent burning red ball of flames. The trees are black as coal against this breathtaking backdrop. The animals seem lit as if they were on a movie set. I love it so. I truly can't imagine my life without it being filled regularly by Africa. I won't allow anyone or anything to take this from me. I feel great. Bless Allah for that. African air makes me so hungry, can't wait for breakfast.

Just passed a group of vultures feeding on a recently killed baby ele. That made me sad This morning when the lion was trying to bring down those giraffe. I was rooting for the giraffe. I'm sitting in the front of my tent now. African silence is like no other. The sound of the winds whispering through the grasses and leaves, an occasional hippo call, though our water filled with hippos in front of our campsite seems like a ghost pond. Perhaps they are submerged.